Terms and Conditions

1. SakuraBasket.com reserves the right to update/modify the Terms & Conditions (T&C) at anytime without prior notice.

2.Site users must adhere to the T&C of SakuraBasket.com when using the site.By accessing or using SakuraBasket.com, you hereby agree to and are bound to our T&C, inclusive of any future modifications, upgrades, additions to the site. Please exit the site if you do not wish to agree to our T&C.

3.Users shall not attempt to use the SakuraBasket.com site, its logo, or any of its content for fraudulent or unauthorized activities, and shall refrain from attempting to gain unauthorized access to SakuraBasket.com's services, servers, network or systems through any means, including hacking, password mining, etc.

4. You may not, without authorization from SakuraBasket.com,copy/reproduce/publish/modify/display or in any other ways exploit part or all of SakuraBasket.com's content, logos, site, or creative content (includes pictures, posters, banners, etc...).

5. SakuraBasket.com is not liable for any false information, or payments provided by or to individuals who are not authorized by SakuraBasket.com. Users assume all liability for erroneously filled order forms and payments.


Limitation of Liability

1.Information shown or provided by SakuraBasket.com is accurate to the best of our ability. SakuraBasket.com will not be liable if information does not match exactly to the mentioned product or services.

2. SakuraBasket.com is not liable for any delays which may occur on orders/purchases. While our team will strive to ensure that deliveries occur in a timely manner to the best of our ability, external forces, such as inclement weather or unforeseen delays may occur. Delivery period is an indication of estimated time for which a vehicle may take to be delivered, Sakura Basket is not liable for any delays.

3.Purchasers are solely liable for all payments/transactions, SakuraBasket.com holds no liability for fraudulent activity which may result in payments to the wrong account or purchaser error when filling out details.

4. SakuraBasket.com is not liable for any delays/disruptions in service or availability due to acts of nature, Internet or system failures, power failures, riots, wars, acts of terrorism,governmental or legislative action, civil disruptions, or non-performance of third parties.

5. SakuraBasket.com reserves the right to cancel or report any transactions which are suspect of being fraudulent or illegal at any time without prior written or verbal notice.

6. SakuraBasket.com is not liable for refunds, partial or full, under any circumstances against orders/purchases made unless such a warranty is provided prior by an authorized SakuraBasket.com representative.

7. SakuraBasket.com is not liable for theft or loss of customer information which may have been provided to SakuraBasket.com. We will strive to ensure the utmost data security to the best of our ability.

8. SakuraBasket.com is not liable for the theft of minor items, such as carpets, cigarette lighter,stereo, while Goods are in Transit. Customers must understand that such situations occur and are outside the control of SakuraBasket.com.

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